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Become a Qualified Key Coach 
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Right now, there are so many factors impacting our lives. Across the country, people are experiencing unprecedented health challenges, trauma and loss. Our ability to work has been disrupted and many have lost their jobs either temporary or for good, leaving people for the first time ever, dependent on subsidised sources of income.
To top it off, we have also been isolated from our friends and family;
separated just when we needed each other most.

The impact of this has also been unprecedented and sadly too close to home for comfort. People we know and people we hear about are fearful, anxious, distraught, helpless, hopeless and confused.
Many are finding it difficult to get focused or energised and even make the simplest of decisions for their future.
Others are stuck wondering what to do with themselves, their careers, their businesses and it looks like we are not out of the hole yet.

Throughout the last 18 months, The Key has been helping people to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
As a result our coaching calls with clients have increased exponentially. We have been doing what we have always done over the last 10 years and that is to support and encourage people to navigate the stormy waters, to be calm in uncertainty and be courageous when dealing with the unknown.

We have been working tirelessly in the background to help people recognise, actually, that what they are experiencing is in essence a trauma of sorts and that is okay and normal under these unusual circumstances to feel out of sorts and worse. We have also been encouraging them to believe that there is a solution to it all. We have been helping them to continue to see possibility, find hope, no matter what the outer circumstances look like.

The Key® has been helping thousands of people across The UK following it's launch in 2010 by Christine and Megan McGrory. The Key® is about vision, a vision of a 'healthier, wealthier, happier, and connected world'.

This is where you come in. We can't do this alone. This is why we have created and launched KEY COACHING.
As a Coach, embodying The Key's mindset and by sharing The Key® Coaching Approach*, you can directly help us to unlock dreams and drive real personal change for people everywhere.

At the same time you will be building your own business with new clients and a new income stream.
Key Coaching is the perfect antidote to what we are experiencing now, for you and your future clients and this solution is needed now more than ever.

Can you think of anything better to do?

- Get crystal clear about your own VISION and why and how Key Coaching can help you get there. 
- Discover what has been holding you back from achieving your goals so far. 
- Give you a better understanding of The Key Coaching Co-Creative Approach,  The Key Creation Process and Key Philosophies in a coaching environment.
- Confirm how we will help you to coach The Key Co-Creative approach for (ONLINE AND OFFLINE) 'One to One' coaching sessions.
- Find out how you can either start your coaching business or develop your existing one into an exciting purposeful and profitable income.   
- Become part of a The Key community which has  transformed the lives of thousands of people across the UK and Internationally.  

Simply Register and we will give you a call. 

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Key Coaching is for you if you...

Are already a coach, trainer, therapist, meditation teacher, mentor, fitness coach, connector or are involved in people development in some way and would like to expand the scope of your services and reach.

Wish to earn additional income by doing something really great for others.


Thrive on personal and spirited growth. Love The Key and could see yourself coaching your friends, family, colleagues and connections.

Have thought about coaching before or are exploring coaching; informally, part- time or as a career and have a desire to help people to unlock their potential and create a better life.

“We see a world where people are wealthy, happy, healthy and loved. You and Key Coaching are the catalyst.”


 Christine Friel McGrory 
Global Inspiration Award Winner,  Key Founder,  TEDx speaker, successful entrepreneur, scientist, author and award winning mentor and coach.
 2018 Global Woman Inspiration Award winner, voted one of Scotland’s most influential Women by the Glasgow Herald, a finalist in The Glasgow Awards and proposed for the Glasgow Herald’s Inspiring City Awards. She was also voted Business Women Scotland’s Business Mentor of the Year.

Practising and teaching a variety of personal and spiritual approaches learned from world-class teachers, with a MSc in Leadership and a BSc in Chemistry, Christine is uniquely positioned to understand and teach both the spirit and science behind success.

Her first book, ‘Grace’ is an Amazon 5 star best seller and has inspired people across the planet to think and dream big. Recognised by the Queen for her work in the community and as a Trustee of her Charity, The Institute of Creation, Christine volunteers her services and her passion by delivering The Key programmes to the most challenged people, groups and communities in the country.

Megan McGrory
 Co–Founder of The Key and inspirational and motivational teacher, speaker, mentor and coach.

Megan has appeared on Channel 4’s For Thought TV programme and SOLD OUT the first personal development events ever delivered at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Appearing as  a KEY NOTE SPEAKER in front of 450 people at the SECC arena in Glasgow and was chosen as an inspirational speaker for THE BEST YOU Exhibition in London. Additionally she has been recently nominated as a speaker for both TED X Youth and one of Scotland’s 100 ‘Positive Disruptors’.

As a successful entrepreneur , Megan understands the highs and lows of start- up businesses and has used the Key Principles to successfully grow her own Key enterprise. As a coach and mentor herself,  she has been described as wise beyond her years, creative, dynamic and energetic; a professional who connects with people of all ages and backgrounds.

As part of her philanthropic endeavors Megan works closely with The Key charity, The Institute of Creation. Megan is inspired by the idea of teaching and positively influencing others and key in the development of The Key Coaching programme. 

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